Formula Force Racing GameFormula Force Racing

Formula Force Racing is a global race series of super fast racing designed for mobile.

Race along the inside of vast tracks, down force gluing your wheels to any part of the surface. Catapulted through sections of a 360 degree racing playground, countless racing lines and overtaking possibilities.

This racing offers accessibility, there’s little in your way that’s going to slow you down, just find the wining line.

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sudoku ios gameSudoku Logic

This is our take on Sudoku. Sudoku Logic has the traditional Sudoku board layout, but we've also introduced clues to help you solve the puzzles.

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ios Psychopath Detection Test appPsycho Loco

Answer 20 questions designed to delve deep into your psyche, and understand the mental or psychological structure of yourself or a loved one.

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If you want to get involved with Beta testing our games, send us a message through our Contacts page and we'll add you to the Beta Program.

More games yet to be announced comming soon

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