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Five Kinds of Videos Every Business Needs on Its Website

Five kinds of Video for your Website

This week I'd like to talk about 5 Kinds of Videos Every Business Needs on Its Website

1) A testimonial video - What’s more convincing than a happy user? Think about it. When you’re looking for a product or service on the Internet before making a purchase, you always browse the comments or ratings left by other customers. This is why most good websites dedicate an entire section to testimonials of their satisfied crowd.

2) A team or company presentation video - it portrays your team in a vivid and engaging way. It boosts the identification of your brand by showing the real people behind it all.

3) A product demonstration video - This video should explain what it is and what it’s worth, if you’re aiming for new clients. But that’s not the only advantage. A product video is far less tedious to read (and to write) than a long text on the “what,” the “why” and the “how” of your offer. On top of that, it’s a nice piece of content that will animate your website.

4) A Facebook Live video - The principle is quite simple: Users shoot videos from their smartphones and broadcast them in real-time to their community.

5) A blog video - Starting a blog is great for your small business. You establish yourself as an expert, grow a loyal community and boost your website’s SEO.

So, if you want more engagement and shareable content on your website, lets have a chat.

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