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Grab Opportunities When You See Them.

I was walking through the village last night and passed a restaurant that was pretty much empty. I popped in and introduced myself telling the owner that I do Social Media and website updates for businesses and that I live just up the road. I left my card with them and told them to give me a call if they ever wanted to chat about getting more customers in.

Before I managed to get home, the restaurant owner gave me a call and asked me to come in for a chat. I went straight back to see him and we put some great ideas together and agreed on a schedule that I'm going to put together for him this week.

I saw an opportunity and identified where I could help the business and we started working together.

Where will your next opportunity present itself?

Will you seize this opportunity to give me a call?

I hope you do - I look forward to helping you get more clients and take some of the stress from your shoulders!

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