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BNI 60 second presentation - Is your website delivering enough new business?

Is your website delivering enough new business?

I attend a weekly networking meeting and thought I'd start sharing my 60 second presentations with the world.

I always make the effort to present something that I think my group will find useful and something that they can take away and use on their business.

This week I'm talking about 5 resolutions that you can make to ensure your website is generating business effectively.

Here it is:

Hi, My name is Andy Gahan and I run The Pixel Bullies which is a website design company based in Lymm near Warrington

Is your website delivering enough new business?

Here are 5 resolutions to help ensure your site works effectively.

1) Be Responsive – It’s a must that your website should be mobile-friendly and work on all manner of devices.

2) Check Your Links – Website visitors (and Google!) have little patience when it comes to broken links on a site - are all yours working?

3) Revisit Your Calls to Action – Do you have the relevant calls to action on each page that guide a visitor down their expected path

(for example, “To learn more…”; “Make a payment…”; “Questions? Contact us…”)?

4) Make it Quick – Google now puts large emphasis on page load times. How fast does your site load on a phone?

5) Be Social – These days, if something is popular, it’s talked about on social media. Make it easier for website visitors to share your information on social media by adding social media buttons.

Thanks, I'm Andy Gahan from The Pixel Bullies, With websites, update or be out of date!

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